Kleartech Bomber Soap 1GAL

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KLEARTECH S2 PH-Neutral Soap is a gentle, yet effective dilute-able detergent concentrate

Features and Benefits:

  • Safe for use on both, coated and uncoated surfaces
  • Foamy soap suds trap dirt and other contaminants to prevent paint abrasion
  • Scent: Cherry

Product Application:

Pour 1-3 oz. of S2 into a bucket. Use water pressure to form suds. Wash vehicle with a soft mitt or designated wash cloth. Rinse with clean water. S2 also works extremely well in a foam cannon or foam gun.



I first found Klear searching for new headlights because mine have begun to oxidize. I was able to buff my current headlights and apply the OPF headlight kit. They've been looking brand new ever since! 

Fresno, CA

Completely worth every penny. I’ve been looking for a protection film for years. Glad I found KlearTech. 

Danny S
St. George, Utah